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NGADM 2017 | INFO | Auditions | Round of 64 / 32 / 16 / 8 / 4FINALESixth Round Deadline | Pairing

Hiya, everyone!

I'm on time, this time :O
I tried to be a responsible adult, so I went to sleep early. Well, turns out I woke up after 3 hours and couldn't fall back asleep. I've got a very busy week ahead of me, so I figured if I'm going to be awake anyway, I'd do something useful. And isn't that great! Now we get to share our excitement about the semifinals, and anticipate the GRAND FINALE together!!!

Calling the semifinals exciting might even be an understatement. At one point in time, we didn't know whether all of the tracks would make it in time. One of them didn't, so it was immediately disqualified.
NAAAH, I kid of course! What kind of semifinal would that be? Thankfully, the merciful arrangers of the competition, and just as importantly, the competitior of the latecomer allowed for a delay, because of the circumstances. And what a close round it was!

We see some of the highest scores from the judges in this round. I guess it's only natural, since all four competitors (3 individuals and one team) very much deserve to be where they're at, and have all fought hard for their placements. Hence, they turned out some killer tracks! If you haven't already (and even if you have), go check them all out in this small, yet amazing playlist!


We're about to move on to the results, but as always, it's time to show our appreciation to @Ceevro for providing us with the fantastic artwork for the NGADM 2017!







The order of scores by judge: @Bosa@ChronoNomad@ADR3-N; @Samulis; @Skyewint@TaintedLogic.



@etherealwinds - Chapter II: Believe: 9.40 / 9.47 / 9.50 / 9.4 / 9.00 / 9.75 ~ Average: 9.42

(The one who somehow made a track in two days!!!)


(The MVP of the round!!!)

@FinnMK - Oh Mama Hey!: 9.40 / 9.45 / 9.79 / 9.2 / 9.50 / 9.50 ~ Average: 9.47





@steelside - Fires: 9.22 / 9.26 / 9.13 / 9.85 / 8.60 / 8.00 ~ Average: 8.84

(The Dark Horse; The Underdog!!!)


(The sole 'surviving' [resurrected] team!!!)

@johnfn & @ethansight - Dreamworld: 9.3 / 9.33 / 9.27 / 9.5 / 9.00 / 8.75 ~ Average: 9.19


WINNER: johnfn & ethansight


Oh my, weren't those some results? 

Here come some more averages for those of us who like to look at numbers:




What's this? Not a single average is below 9 this round! That's quite something :O
This time, it's Samulis' turn to be closest to the average, with a difference of 0.01 :)


I can't believe how quickly time progresses. If you're going to complain (I know you're not; don't ruin this) about the fact that I've said it before, the fact that you remember it only proves my point ;p
We've already reached the final stage of the competition. The finalists consist of a team in which one member is a former victor of the NGADM, and the opposition has an insane score average, in every round! Who can tell how it'll turn out? I certainly can't, so I'll leave it up to time to tell :)

I want to thank etherealwinds and steelside for doing their best every round! As Chrono said; with music this good we're all winners. I also want to thank the judges (and organizers) for their hard work. Once again, I want to give massive props, as well as a shout-out to FinnMK. He could've decided to win outright since his opponent was late with his entry, BUT he decided to be an incredible sport and ended up winning the round fair and square.

Check out the confirmed top-four competitors (5 peeps, 'cuz o' the team):






Now then. I didn't want to distract from the post with this little section here. When not scribing around, I usually use this spot for shilling a little. I hope you don't mind!
It's not really kosher to upload covers to NG anymore, so I tend to record myself playing them for YouTube instead. Yesterday, I played a classic I'm sure most of you recognize. If you're not too busy, why don't you check it out?


Over the Rainbow - Piano Cover


All that's left to say, is best of luck to the remaining contestants! I'm very much looking forward to your GRAND FINALE tracks. Take your time, and make sure to blow us (as well as the competition) away. Godspeed!



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