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Five Hundred Fans!!!

Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - March 17th, 2018

I thought it would take a while longer, but it seems like it already happened. Only one day after my birthday too :O

WOW, thank you all for the amazing support! When I started uploading on Newgrounds, I thought maybe I'd get a few listeners and all that. I never imagined that I'd actually reach 500 fans in just a bit more than 4 years. I've really enjoyed my time here, with the community (and I plan on enjoying it for a long time coming).

I guess I'll use this spot to highlight some of the things I've created over the years. One from each portal, aside from movies. I guess I'll eventually have to work on an animation too, so I'll really have tried a little bit of everything :p

As I'm mainly a musician, here's a link to one of my personal favorites of my own making.

Mundum de Somniorum

I've also made a few games during my time on NG. I plan to make some more, whenever I get enough time and inspiration. I think my best and most popular game, without a doubt, is:

Playing With Letters

Aside from music and games, I've also dabbled just a little bit with art. I feel like if I practiced a lot, I could create some pretty neat things. But, even without practice I've been able to create a few things I'm pretty happy with myself. One of such works would be this one!



Once again, thanks to all those of you who have decided to click that little red heart on my page. And a huge thanks to @Tom for running such an awesome site, and for being supportive as well. Here's for many good times to come!

Thank you ^____^







Congrats on reaching 500! You have certainly earned it! :D

Thanks, man! I'll try to make sure to continue earning that :D

Whoa congrats on 500! And also happy day late birthday!

Thank you on both accounts! I appreciate it a lot ^______^

Man Congrats on the solid amount! :) Definitely been enjoying your works so far; hope for a lot more over the years! Oh and Happy Birthday! Also: curious what that symbol on your forehead says?

Nämen tackar :D

You're one of this site's most active members for sure, which is super impressive. Also, thanks for the birthday wishes!

I think the character means "Rage". That's the snapchat filter for "Aggretsuko" :)

Ah, and here I thought all of that was custom made; added with particular intent! XD Good to know in case I see it elsewhere!

And tackar själv! :D Att bli omnämnd som en av dom mest aktiva här får ju en att vilja köra på ännu hårdare! NGförevigt!!!

Yeah, I suppose I kind of want to learn to use Photoshop sometime in the future, to blend real images and art. I have so many creative areas in which I want to cultivate my skill though, so it's difficult to find the time :D

Tja, det är ju helt enkelt sant! Jag tycker jag ser dig lite överallt, och du gör alltid ett bra och ärligt jobb. Det är en av sakerna som gör Newgrounds värd att besöka :)
Kämpa på bara!
#NGförevigt!!! ^_____________^

Yes! Tackar! Ska göra!!111 Och detsamma111!!!

Photoshop is nice but... complex! I settled for Fireworks and Flash myself, though if you're aiming to be a professional artist... yupp, might be a necessity. It's great for painting with in particular, the smoothing option's a lifesaver, and the magnet lasso the one tool there that I miss in other programs, but for photo manipulation (changing light, levels, subsampling, etc), and vector or interface design I feel it's a bit bloated/overrated. Unfortunately they abandoned Fireworks as it was too simple, and started focusing their all on Photoshop, but if you happen to have a Mac (I don't but in this case I wish I did) I hear this is as close as you get the old program: https://sketchapp.com/

...probably plenty of other great programs I don't know about though. As for Flash: it has the smoothing option too, but is otherwise as barebones as it gets.

I doubt I'll ever have the time to become a professional artist, unfortunately. I don't have a mac either, I'm afraid xD
But there is plenty of software out there, for when I get inspired to use them. I've heard about many different ones, and they all comes with their own pros and cons. Some free, most cost a bit, some are expensive. Either way, I'll leave that worry for another day. I'm feeling very inspired to compose some orchestral music, so I'm hoping I'll create something great this coming week :D
Thanks for the tips!

...or as they now call it: Animate.

Congratulations on 500 meepy fans, meep ^_^

Why thank you, meep :3!!

Here's to another 500 soon to come!

We'll see, thanks for the support! :D

Congrats, well deserved. :)

Thank you <3

Nicely done! And very well deserved, if I may say so.

Here's to the next 500! :D

Aww, thanks :3
Seems like you may have gone above 300 not too long ago yourself! Belated congrats :3

GIMP, Paint.NET, Hexels? If those aren't the ones you know of would be interesting to know! :) Yeah you definitely have the music part figured out! Sounds good.

I know of those among others, yeah :D
I often use Paint.Net for my games, since I only need really simple tools, and it's easy to use. Rock on ;)

see i told ya you'll double my numbers in less than a year. technically it's kinda true.

congrats yo

Haha, if you put together your accounts I think you have more than 1000 fans :p
It's a shame you took away all the audio that weren't collabs, though!
You've got to update that folder with "all your work" to containt eeeeeeverything ^____^
Thank you!

oh btw, FF games is currently on sales on Humble Bundle. if you want them cheap get it now.

I noticed! I was contemplating buying some, but I have most of the ones I want o.O

Happy 500! And Happy Late Birthday!

Thank you x2 :D!

Congrats. Very well deserved :)

Thanks man!
I still haven't gotten to playing Revenge of The Kid, but I'll try to remember to do so soon!

Btw, hit me up if you want some music for a game in the future. If it's nothing big, I can probably do it for free too, since I enjoy your style a lot. I think I've improved a lot over the years, and as importantly, I actually own some expensive and great tools nowadays.

That said, it's just an offer; don't feel obliged at all if you have a different vision. I'm just excited because quite literally from today on, I'll have more free time to work on music than usual ^___^

500 fans, man that is awesome! I'm only 441 behind you. I've got some work to do. ;)

You make good stuff, so let's hope you get there! Also, nice name change :)

hey yo didn't see you upload stuff recently :( how are you doing?

Hi! I've been sick, but I'm finally getting better! I'm also working hard on finishing my bachelor's thesis, which is why I haven't worked much on music. When I am done, I'll be more active again. Thanks for checking on me!
How are you doing :3?

True true, study should come before anything else! :) I hope you get better soon. Looking forward to chat with you and Jordi on the Skype/Discord. How's Jordi doing lately? Did his India trip go well?

As for me, recently things have been very shitty.

Yeah! Hit me up on Skype or discord at any time. If I'm around, I'll respond :3
I'm mostly better now, just a few small symptoms left.

Jordi's trip went well! He came back a few weeks ago :D
I'm sorry to hear things have been bad for you! Is it too late at your place, or can you chat now?

Yeah I'll get on Skype now.


Congrats! Been a while, but I hope all is well :D

Thank you! I am well indeed, I hope you are too :D