I'm Finally Free!!! (Kind of...)

2014-03-23 05:50:07 by LucidShadowDreamer

A couple of days ago I wrote the last of my tests for my matriculation exam... I don't know how well I did yet, but in a week or so I'll get primary results for all my exams, to give me an idea of how well I did. They they are not final though; I think I'll know the real results after a couple of months or so :/

Sadly, I still have a few weeks of school left before I really get some spare time. I even have a few unimporant tests left :( Three months after that I will be "forcefully" dragged into the army for a while. I don't understand why it's mandatory here; it's not like we could really defend ourselves if someone wanted to invade our country o.O

Aaaaaanyhow. After I'm done with my game for the Stencyl Jam 2014, I should finally get time to play around with Cubase some more. I'm using LunacyEcho's tactic here. Since I've written it down, now I have to make something more serious with a DAW in the coming months.

I don't really have anything else to say... I'm just happy that the hell of studying is over, at least for a while :3


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2014-03-23 09:08:54

Finland has the draft? That's pretty lame. At you have school mostly out of the way for a while.

(Updated ) LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yes. I guess it's because we're such a small country, so otherwise pretty much no one would join the army. Still, it mostly means that you'll be in a military training camp for bewtween half a year and a year. Finland hasn't been involved in any real wars in quite a while. It still sucks though :(
(You could of course choose to work for the state for very minimal payment for 14 months too).

Ahhh, in just two weeks I'll have no school for about 15 months, which is a relief in some ways at least :'D

Thanks for becoming a fan, I'll check out some of your stuff shortly ;)


2014-03-23 13:34:14


What's the difference between primary results and real results? I hope you did well.

It's bold political statements like that that ensure you getting drafted into the army :D

Looking forward to new stuff from you now that you have some free time!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:


The primary results are given by the teachers at our school. They are like an approximation of what the final results will be. After that, the exams are transported to a separate institution where no one may know the students whose exams are looked through. After a couple of months, we get the real results back from there, and they often differ slightly from the primary results :p

Haha, all heatlhy men are getting drafted anyway. Maybe I should have become tactically morbidly obese for a while, and thus avoided the army (and welcomed bad heatlh).

Yes! I shall make something soon. I Must. :D


2014-03-25 08:03:51


can't wait to hear some more songs from you! maybe then Lunacy can teach me to write an actual review...

(Updated ) LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yes, Just one more week, and I'll really be totally free :D

Haha, I'm sure you'll get good at reviewing audio in no time XD While LunacyEcho might inspire you, as he tends to do, there is actually a topic in the forums on that subject, if you're interested :D http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1354392
Especially Step's and SkyeWintrest's advice is useful :p

Oh, and thanks for becoming a fan!