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I made a game for Stencyl Jam 2014!

Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - March 29th, 2014

Alright. I'm finally done, after a months hard work. I had my most important exams in between making the game, so that is one of the reasons as to why I didn't have time to make it as perfect as possible. If you want to, you can play the game!



I will still update the game every now and then, for example, I added more badges today :p If you've already compleated the game (good job on that LunacyEcho!) you can get all the new badges by loading the game and compleating the final level again XD


Anyhow. I didn't have time to include a real story, so I just let the athmosphere convey itself. Also, one will immediately notice that I am not a real animator :)

I tried making everything in the game myself: The "art", the soundeffects, the "programming", the level design, the music and even the font! I also suck at programming, even in stencyl! I met several issues that often took me hours upon hours to fix, and some still remain semi-fixed to this day :D


I could write a lot more about this, but that would just make for a boring post. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask!


Oh, and my game just got frontpaged! Thanks a lot for that! :3


EDIT: And I somehow managed to win the fourth place prize, out of originally three winners! Thanks a lot for that, and thanks to all of this great community :3

(I'll probably make a new post about this soon).


One last thing. A good friend recommended that I shamelessly promote my blog here, since he deemes it worth reading. I haven't written much in a while, but I'm planning on writing more frequently again now, since I have so much more time! Also, I've got more old material than any of you will even be able to read in what seems like a lifetime, so go check it out! I write about anything from whatever to whatever, and I also have some controversial opinions, kind of.. yeah... CHECK THIS OUT THX, K??? :'DDDDDD!!!!!!!!

Oh, and on the blog you get to see what my sexy being looks like, so that's always a perk too! :)



Comments (7)

Awesome! I'll check it out when I have time. ;)

Okay, there's no hurry :3!

Of course, you HAD to add more achievements so I had to beat it twice. :D

It was a great game! My only question would be where you got your idea from. Did anything inspire the concept or was it completely original?

Hahha, sorry for that. I just figured that more medals would inspire people to keep going, haha :D

Well, the gameplay concept is completely original at least. The idea is actually more than five years old! But at the time I only tried out game maker, and I was so disappointed that you couldn't export them in flash files, so I gave up entirely, haha :p
(Still, over those five years, a few games with similar concepts have come up, examplewise "Pretentious Game 4").

But in sense of athmosphere, my game is very inspired, by a few other games! Especially "The Company of Myself", "Depict1", "Loved" and a few other games.

The music is also isnpired from one of the themes in TCoM, which you can listen to here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N5HSHYu7Rg
(By David Carney)

I will probably still add more "story", to the game, in the form of short messages that will keep the game interesting.

Thanks for actually playing my game! TWICE!! :D

I like the game but I am unable jump all the way up in the room which has the portal at the top....just can't do it.

Yes, I've noticed that many have a difficult time with this level, if we're on the same page, at least. Actually, I think you're trying to beat it in the wrong way! For starters, if you continuously press jump several times, while still holding the arrow key which moves the character against the wall, you will "climb" the wall, as you might know.

I'f you're speaking about the level I think you're speaking about, here's how to do it! Although it's a bit difficult to explain...

Let's see... Think about friction. If one character is in the air, and the other one is on the ground, their movements will not be alike. If both characters move towards the same direction (left or right), but one is in the air, and you then stop pressing all the keys, which character will stop moving first? The answer is that the one in the air will keep moving longer than the one on the ground.

Because of this, you can beat that level. Just wall jump to the side with one character, and make sure the other one is on the ground, and then stop pressing all keys. If you did it right, the character in the air should fly over the one that stays on the ground, since the friction is stronger on the ground.

I hope this helped!

Scratch that I just completed the game :) Overwhelming. I followed your advice (you posted earlier in reply to a review) and barely managed to do it. Mazochistic :) Thank you for this wonderful experience! Hope to see more from you! (oh and thanks for your reply here, I appreciate it! )

Good job, you managed to complete the game!
Hahha, yeah. I knew that that level would be tricky even before I got feedback. I figured it would be a different kind of challenge for people that were really set on completing the game.
And I must thank you, sir, for investing time and effort, not only into the game it self, but for not giving up and coming here to ask me when you got stuck, for which I must applaud you. Many people would just leave, and leave a low rating, so you deserve my humblest gratitude, for your review too, Dhall :'D

Again, I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and I respond to everything I receive, by nature, so there's no problem there! XD

I can't get the solution you proposed to work. On the final level, wall-jumps seem to push me away from the wall. I have to hold the key towards the wall I want to stick to to continue jumping, which makes the two characters sync up and ruins the effect.

Well, I know for sure it's possible, and not even that difficult WHEN you know how. It's simply difficult to explain properly. What I really should do, is record a tutorial or something. I just don't have any good recording software :p

I assure you, it's fully possible. If you've grasped the physics of the game, the friction and the movement (+ the fact that an airborne player cannot jump), you will easily be able to complete that puzzle. But I'm sorry that I simply cannot explain it in any better way, it's my bad.

Thanks for trying though, and for letting me know it's still difficult!

I think the last achievement is broken. I beat the game and I didn't get embrace the light.


Noedit: Never mind, it was just being finicky.

Ahh, okay XD