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Playing With Letters

Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - June 9th, 2015



As some of you may have noticed, I didn't upload a game for Stencyl Jam 2015 this year. I had an idea for a game, but I was already working on another game that I wanted to finish first. At the time I finished it, making a game for the Jam would've been far too rushed, so I decided to save my idea for the next year :)

That said, I just uploaded the other game I was speaking of, after a long wait. It is a text-based adventure game, even if it may be a bit different than most other games of the same genre. I actually wasn't even planning on making this game to start with, but one night when I was trying to fall asleep, an interesting idea just suddenly popped into my head. That was the seed which inspired me to create this game!

I don't want to spoil too much, but the game is based on word puzzles/games of different kinds. It also features a riddle created by my sister. I asked her to create a slightly morbid riddle, and about 5 minutes later, she had one for me. Scarily impressive...

The game might be difficult, and then again, it might not be. It will be much easier for those who speak fluent English; that much is for certain. The first real level especially may be confusing, as the concept requires some getting used to. But I'll say it here like I said in the game description. Look at the title of the letter for hints, and seek after meaning behind some words and sentences in the text. That is as much as I am willing to give away :D

The music for the game was, naturally, made by myself. All of the "programming" was also made by me, in Stencyl, as well as the story and design.

I also want to thank my two faithful beta testers, @LunacyEcho & @absoluteDETH, who also created the credits screen in the end.

If there's anything you want to ask, please do so in the comments. Just remember, I won't spoil too much! ;)

That's pretty much it. Enjoy playing with letters, everyone!





Comments (10)

I've finished it. I would have done it faster, but I wasn't seeing two of the letters I'd written down for the final puzzle.
Nothing to do with the difficulty of the final puzzle, just my ability to look at my own notes. Which is pretty laughable really.
However it does show the importance of taking a tea break to look at something afresh.

Congratulations, and good job! Also, thanks for fanning up :3

If only you knew how easily distracted I were... I'd probably end up doing something similar had I not made the game XD

Yes. Tea is indeed of uttermost importance. Speaking of tea... I'll actually go make some for myself right now. Thanks for the tip!

you know what... i might've screwed up by putting one answer in my review to this game... didn't realize it til now, but it's kind of hard to give a review without giving an explanation of what I liked about it....fjsadlkfjsdlfjsdlfkj

Lol, don't worry about it. You're not the only one who did that. And I think that most gamers know not to look at the reviews until they've played a puzzle game. And if a player wants to ruing the experience, it's up to them, I guess :D

Thanks for playing, dude ;)

First of all I just want to say this game was amazingly thought out. Its really dark and clever. But can you give me any tips for the last level because i cant beat it.

Sure. But it's hard to give good tips without giving it away. I won't write anything here, but I'll PM you in a couple of minutes.

This game is great! It's been a while since I've seen such a well-crafted word puzzle, especially one built around such a compelling story! I hope you do make that sequel, I would love to play it!

Thanks a lot dude! It's good to hear you enjoyed the story and the puzzles :D
I am going to make a sequel, but it'll take quite some time for me to get started, not to speak of finishing it XD

GREAT GAME 10/10 please make another game like this, very unique and couldnt find ANY game like this

Thank you! I've got to admit, I love your user name :D
Eventually, I'm going to make more, but unfortunately it'll take a while :/

OMG.It's good.I never thought you would make puzzle games.You are a genius.The only thing is that English isn't my mother language you see.

Thank you! And yeah, I know. That's a problem with text based games :(

Could I have a hint for the riddle? I've been thinking about it for days now, I just can't find the solution.

Sure. It's a liquid, unless it dries.
It changes color when it dires as well, and there is a saying, which explains the color.
Some people don't like the sight of this liquid, and may at worst even faint.
That should make it pretty easy, no? :p

I need help on the second puzzle I know what to do I just need the password :(

Seems like someone has uploaded a tutorial:

Just watch it as far as you need to, and try the rest on your own from there!

This first puzzle is driving me insane sorry for being so ignorant but could I have a hint please? P.s love the bum 10/10 fits the tone perfectly.

Well nom I saw my mistake I see you need to be careful on how you spell the codes.