Happy Robot Day 2016!!!

2016-07-10 15:50:49 by LucidShadowDreamer

Hello fellow NG users, and HAPPY ROBOT DAY >:D!!!

I really took a long time on me to update this thingy, but I'm finally getting to it :V
Today, I don't have much to say, except that I'm working on something which'll hopefully be pretty big. But it's a secret!

I am mostly here to promote my, along with other people's stuff  ^  ^

As it is indeed Robot Day, I ended up making something weird in what was pretty much the last minute, as I wanted to participate in something cool on NG this year as well.

The style of this track is quite different from the content I usually create, so I can't assure any level of quality xD

Anywhos. The cover art I used is wonderful. It's a piece which was also made for Robot Day this year, by @Kamikaye!

Check it out over here:



Apart from Robot Day, I also feel like giving a couple of other shoutouts. Not that my shoutouts really have that much of an impact, but if you're reading this right now, and you decide to look into what I'm shouting out, you'll know for certain that it helped someone ;)

@EtherealWinds released his debut single a while ago! If you don't mind hearing some lovely singing, combined with effectful and rather personal lyrics (and great instrumentation), have a listen to this:


You won't regret it ;)
If you want more information about it, I suppose you can also check out his news post :p

Finally, now that I'm at it, I might as well recommend a cool animation from 2013 as well!

Ever since it was released, I've loved this one, and thus I've seen it several times! Only fairly recently though, did I get in contact with the creator, out of mostly, pure coindicence! As I said, I don't think this'll make much of an impact on the overall stats of the animation, but you'll definitely enjoy watching it :D
It's also quite aptly (to a certain extent) kind of robot-themed? A little? Maybe? You decide xD

So check out "Menu"


Created by mr. @Test-Object sensei sama :3

As much as I would love to show you even more cool stuff, this post is already really long. As I said, I have a 'secret' (solo) project in the works, which I hope I'll manage to finish fairly soon. We'll see how ever-more-procrastinating me will manage to fare with that though :'D

Either way... Have a great time, all of you!

Until next time ;)



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2016-07-10 15:59:35

you've been very busy with projects lately. look forward for your collab with @test-object.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh yeah! I will collab with him eventually, once the time is apt. My parts are already done, most likely, unless there are some changes. But we'll have to see when a good opportunity comes for him/us to finish the project. Maybe for one of these animation rouds? Who knows ^ ^


2016-08-05 09:41:47

congrats, you made it in NGAUC. :3

told you so.

(Updated ) LucidShadowDreamer responds:

What? No I didn't, haha xD
But that's fine too!
I'll have time to work on other stuff now as well ;)