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New song, and such...

2015-01-20 17:04:39 by LucidShadowDreamer

Why hi ya'll.

I'd love it if you'd go and check out this track o' mine, as I put some work into it, and stuff. It's pretty much my first somewhat okay DAW work that's actually longer than 16 seconds [3:10]. I've tried a lot of new interesting things, and I'm meaning to develop my skills as a musician. Thus, I'd love it if you could go and leave me a small review, maybe a nudge in the right direction or somthing cool like that :3


Other than such, I guess I've been doing some small projects here and there, though I probably won't publish any of it. I also temporarily joined a small orchestra of 28 people. The songs we play aren't too much to my liking (though they ain't bad), but it's good practice.

Now I feel as the next thing I do will be writing in my blog. After that, I'll probably re-learn two old piano compositions of mine and post them to Newgrounds. After that, it should be time to make a new game... I'm hoping that if I write these things out, I'll actually make them happen. That, we will only know in the future. Follow me, if you want to take part in the interesting continuation to this story; will I ever do the things I said I would?

Until next time! ;)


//Lucid Shadow Dreamer


2015-01-10 19:09:22 by LucidShadowDreamer



How did this happen :s?

Thanks for this insane boost Tom, I don't know how to thank you enough; I owe you!

I want to thank all the people that recommended me on the forums as well, you're awesome ;)

I didn't really have much else to say. I currently have a lot of free time, so in the somewhat new future, I'll make sure to upload some cool stuff. To begin with, I'm going to focus on music. Now I finally have free time to learn how to use Cubase properly >:D

I'm also going to make a new game, eventually. Most likely, I'll wait until the next Stencyl Jam (I hope one is arranged this year too, but I'm sure there will be one). I might do something small for a Ludum Dare though, you never know!

If I feel really productive, I might even try to make some more serious - albeit weird - art. Maybe 2015 is the year when I get myself accepted into the art portal?

Anywho... I literally just gained 17 fans in an instant (EDIT: and many more are rolling in :O EDIT-2: All in all, precisely 77 new fans :0), so thanks a lot for the support you guys!


While you're waiting for more updates, here's a picture of me looking fabulos. For a musical... Of course...



New Beginnings

2014-12-30 11:25:15 by LucidShadowDreamer




The year of 2014 is coming to an end. It has been the first whole year that I've spent as a registered user on Newgrounds. The year has been very giving in many ways. I've uploaded lots of music, and my final piece of the year will be uploaded tomorrow. That will make the 52nd track I've uploaded this year, which means I have pretty much one composition for each week of the year (some of which are FAR better and longer than others...) XD

Apart from music, I also uploaded a game for a competition, which turned out to be quite well received, which I'm happy about :3

I want to thank all you guys who are fans of mine for checking out my stuff, and for becoming fans in the first place! Seriously. I've gained like 90 fans this years, which is much more than I could've ever expected. I've tried to check most of you out too, and have left some reviews here and there, but I also know I've missed out on some of you. I blame this on myself, but also on the fact that I had to spend almost half a year in the Finnish army. Without that experience, 2014 would've been one of the best years in my life. Now however, I am finally back in business. I've procrastinated a lot - as I haven't even been free for 2 weeks yet - but I'm sure I'll get back to doing stuff eventually, when all the holiday celebrations have calmed down (Christmas as well as the New Years are always busy times). Despite all my slacking, I managed to finish a version of my Xmas piece this year, which I'm pretty content with.


I'm hoping that I'll manage to get myself to work on interesting projects this coming year as well, including everything from music and games to writing and such. I also hope that you'll be there to stick around, as I like seeing what other people are up to too.

As there is a new year coming, and I've gained a few listeners/players, I'm thinking about doing something about that horribly unprofessional profile icon I created in 1 minute in mspaint previous year. Now, the plan is to create something almost as unprofessional, and almost as horrible looking!!!

Maybe something like this? I'm not sure yet :/



If you are interested in reading some more, you could always read my latest blog post on blogspot. That blog hasn't undergone a spellcheck in more than half a year. I'm sure you will notice... Best be prepared.


Anyhow. It's great to be back, and it'll be most interesting to see what this new year is bringing with it.

Cya next year ;)


The Final War

2014-11-23 08:49:47 by LucidShadowDreamer


Not much left.

Especially of my motivation...

Luckily, there's not that much left of my time in the army.

There's just this final thingy which means I have to spend 10 nights or so in the woods.

That would be very cold, wet, and sleepless nights, not to speak of the strenuous and miserable days...



Aaaaaaannndd after that there are but two weeks of not doing much left. Only 25 days at the moment.

Still, it will be a very tough time. If you want to read some more (not much though) about this, and see a massive collection of candy, go read my latest (yet very short) blog post.



As for other stuff, I've made a couple of songs and such. I'm sure you know how to find them, but here's a picture/link leading to one of the shorter ones.





Not much else to say really...

Thus I will shut up.





Time is slowly fading away, which for once in my life is a good thing (sadly).


There are 54 days left of military service, almost only 53. Will I make it through? Only time will tell.

The good thing about it is that no matter how hard it will be, it's still only 53 days, right? It's a bit like a reaaaallly long Cooper test. No matter how tough it is, how difficult it is to breathe and run, it's never more than 12 minutes. After that there's a little pain still in your body, but it's still over, right?


At least that's the way I want to look at it. No matter how bad the end result, it's still an END result. :)



As you see, I've somehow transformed into a boring person who can't talk about anything else than how much he pities himself -_- (Gee, thanks for that too, army!)


Anyway. I don't really have much else to say o.O


Uploaded an old piece today, I guess :/ (clickety-click the picture).



Also, I wrote a new blog post in my real blog, so yeah... Readz ifz wantz, I'z sayz.

It's basically about the same stuff though.


Oh my! Look at the time! It went so fast that it went one hour backwards, and I get to sleep an extra hour! How odd :p

Speaking of sleep... Time to do that :)



Finally I've reached one of the most important points in the army; that would be the halfway point. I've completed more than half of my service, which means that I finally have less than half left. About two and a half months left, but still... It's something ._.

This means that it's time to bring forth and break my comb, tooth by tooth. One every morning, the remaining 72 days, starting this Wednesday.


Nothing much to say. I've shared my very first (and very bad) song with you, which you might have noticed.

I've also covered two pieces from Final Fantasy X.


One of them is the very first real piano piece I learned to play. Quite a difficult piece to start with, but I think that is what has made me as good as I am today.


Other than that I've written a new blog post on my real blog. This entry mostly consists of a poem I wrote about my experiences in the military.



Other than that, I don't have anything to say. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the awesome stuff that's happening on Newground while I'm away, but I'm doing my best :/


Have fun all of you, I'm sure you're having more fun that me ;)




Okay, so I've now been in the army for 1/3 of the time I have to spend there. That's a good thing. The bad thing is that I still have more than 100 days left :(

I've still tried to be somewhat active here and there on Newgrounds, by looking at what people have created, and uploading some old stuff myself.

A few days ago, something slightly unexpected happened though ._. !

An old song/improvisation of mine was featured and frontpaged right after I uploaded it o.O! Thanks a lot for that!!

Also, I've gained several new fans because of this, and I want to thank all of you for following me. Somehow, I now have 75 fans, which is a pretty huge amount in my eyes :D

I created a Newgrounds account less than a year ago, with the intention of uploading a few projects of mine every now and then, but I never imagined this many people would actually watch (and listen to) my stuff XD

Thus, I can at least be a little bit happy, even if I lack freedom (until the 18 of December. Oh what good a day that will be...)

In other news, I made a very short blog post not long ago, over here. I'm mostly complaining about how I don't like the army, and such...

Also, I kind of made a short 16 second loop as a request yesterday. However, I totally failed to create the type of music that was actually requested; sometimes my brain doesn't really want to cooperate... I'm sure you can relate :)

Anyhow, you can listen to the short song by clicking the picture below (the painting doesn't look like the piece sounds...) :p



I don't think I have that much more to say at the moment...

Take comfort in this; you're probably having more fun than me right now :D






I don't wanna :(

2014-07-03 21:55:20 by LucidShadowDreamer


It's time to update this thingy :/

This is an announcement, most of all. I have tried to be pretty active on this site this past half year, and I think I've managed quite well. I regret to inform that now it's time for half a year (if not more) of not being that active D:

Finland still has conscription, and I'm a man of the ripe age, so I'll be dragged into some boring military service :(

I won't be uploading as much during this period of time, but I'll do my best to upload some of my older compositions, as I still have like 20 laying around on my computer. Alas, the quality will not be as good as it has been as of late, I fear.


It's really a shame, but the collaboration I was working on with former Elitistinen, now known as *secret* will have to wait for a while. We've done some good progress, but none of us seem to have collaborated much before, and we've both been busy people lately. He with Arma, and now I'm joining the army o.O

It's a fun piece, but it won't die away just like that. There will come a time for finishing it too. It's not the greatest song ever, but I think many of you'd like it ;)



Anyway, if you want something longer to read, you can always read my newest blog post, about the same subject (of me not wanting to be drafted).


Before I go, here's one last good composition (for a while!) for those who have not yet heard it.

As usually, I'll also leave a picture, but as I have not really drawn anything, virtual cd cover art it will once again be.




Red and black go well together. Black looks fine with almost any color.



Oh, and also; you can still message me and leave reviews etc.; my inbox is not even nearly full, and I just bought a new phone which is actually usable, so I'll reply whenever I can!

Have fun while I'm away, all of you! :'D


Life goes on

2014-06-05 17:33:42 by LucidShadowDreamer


EDIT: Thank you guys so much for becoming fans of mine! I never imagined I'd be able to reach much fans at all, and certainly not in this short a time. Thanks for showing your support, all of you; it's a great motivator :'D!!!




Even if I have no work or school at the moment, I've been having a full schedule lately. Everyone seems to want me at every place a the same time, and I have A TON of personal projects I want to finish up in the coming month, while still getting time to have fun. After that time of a moon cycle, I'll be drafted into the army, and my time will be severely limited :(


When this time comes, I'll go back to uploading a multitude of songs from 2013. I should have enough to go around for almost one composition a week. The quality of the pieces will be MUCH lower than the ones I'm currently putting up (for the most part at least), but the ideas behind many of them are good, and can well take a listen.

Until then, I shall keep putting up newer projects, and I'm working on far too many of them at once. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to make it to the Construct 2 Game Jam deadline, but that remains to be seen. I'm working on  4 different music projects too, one of which I put up a WIP track here.


In other news...

I graduated less than a week ago :D

This is to say, I had a long (from my impatient perspective) ceremony, a party for relatives, after which I partied hard later in the evening and the night. We went to a restaurant at first, after which we went to some bars and pubs ;)

I had a blast, and so did everyone else seem to have :3


I also got a "stipendium", which is actually a scholarship in English, now that I think about it :/

Well, I actually kind of got two. One was a merit-based financial scholarship, which actually gave me 600€, which is quite a lot. And that was because of subjects I didn't fully expect; My mother tongue (Swedish), English, and Music. Well, I guess I kinda could've expected them, but I thought I'd have been more probable to get something from a few other subjects o.O

The other one is more worth to me than the money. I got a very rare, so called "Pro Musica" award, which I got because of good performances in musical subjects and such. I went to a special class in school which lays its focus on music, so we've been doing a lton of stuff over all these years XD

I'm happy with the result in that at least, even if I'm not entirely happy with my final test results XD




Well well... I realize very few people are going to read such a long and boring post such as this, so I could always make it more attractive by decorating it a random picture (which you will clearly see I did). Let's choose my latest cd cover art for instance. I'm getting slightly better at this? I spend like 3 minutes every time before I upload a song on doodling something together :p

For those of you who are going to think back a reply similar to "Pfft, this is no long at all"... Oh have I got something for you ;)

This Newgrounds news stuffelistufz is not my real blog, but I actually keep one over at blogspot (blogger) too. So I dare you to go read my latest post, which is totally coincidentally also called Life.

(The word "Life" is a link, although it's white, because magic).


Anyhow. Now that I have no more school, I need to search for more education. Tomorrow I'll go to an interview, as I'm trying to get into a university on a pedagocic line. Thus, I should probably go to sleep early for once... (And not way after 5 am, as I usually do...) The interview is already at 10 am -_-


Wish me luck!




Drop Up

2014-04-29 08:01:49 by LucidShadowDreamer

I'm finally done with my second game ever!

It won't get nearly as much attention as my first game got, but that's okay :'D

The game was made for the Ludum Dare 29 Jam (with the theme "Beneath the Surface"), which means I made it in 3 days...

This time around, I made everything myself again. I even made the music and the "art", if one dares call it that (which I don't). I ended up not making any sound effects for this one... There simply wasn't time, and I figured they weren't necessarily needed XD

The game is very simple, yet quite difficult. It's not a really good game, but I'd say it's certainly playable! I'm not entirely happy with the music though... 2-3 days for creating all aspects of a game is certainly not enough time for me... I might still do this again sometime :3


I used Stencyl to make this game; I would've never been able to without it! I also uploaded a desktop version if anyone wants that :/ (Windows only).

Here's the games official page on the Ludum Dare website.


Enough of those uninteresting thing :p

Why not play the game? :)





Oh my! I haven't had time to write a new real blog post on my real blog D:

That's okay though. If you want something weird to read, I recommend this. It's one of my old blog entries, and it's pretty messy (and has several spelling/grammar errors!). I read it again today though, after a very long time, and I found it surprisingly interesting o.O


And that, as is so often said, is that.