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First and foremost, check out the track I made for this round of NGADM 2015!!



In the end, I went solo for this one, but I think it sounds quite good despite that. For the next round though, it's definitely collab time again ;)
I'll eventually (some time after the judging period) upload both the unfinished collab version of this track, as well as a solo piano version.

Don't forget to check out dem0lecule's and mine track for the previous round:


Thanks a lot!

Other than that, I secretly participated in the latest Ludum Dare (33, Jam)!!!
I haven't uploaded the game to Newgorunds yet, as I'm thinking I might actually make this into a full game some day. But I totally still need votes, so I'd love it if you went to my LD page and fixed that problem!!!

Or if you don't want to, at least try the beta of the game out!




That's pretty much it for this time. I just started life in a University. Turns out that students in Finland drink and party a lot... Like, pretty much every day with no sleep in between a lot o.O

If you want to, I guess, you could also check out my blog, but there isn't much happening there currently, so I suggest you read entries from 2013, or very early 2014. I will write interesting things there sometime in the future though!

Thanks a lot for paying attention to another one of my long news posts. Over, and out! (That means you should totally leave a comment) ;D



Hi there, all of you super cool and interesting people that probably all deserve to be loved and worshipped because of your unbelievable awesomeness!! *cough* *cough*

It's incredibly rad that such amazingly infallible people would happen to cross paths with this newspost. Now that you're already here, why don't you show an example of your glorious splendor by reading this entire post? You will :O? Why thank you, I feel undeserving!!! :D

Jokes aside...

Recently, I was presented with the privilege to work with @Chaz on his newest game, Bubbleboy.




You should definitely check it out! It's a beautiful game, about a boy exploring his dreams during 4 weeks, while also learning more about himself. The game requires a certain amount of dexterity and patience to beat, as it's not very easy. Which is great, as we currently have an overload of games lacking difficulty altogether. I can assure you that most of you will really enjoy playing, hehhe...

Now what did I do?

I composed a short soundtrack for the game; that is, the music you hear while playing! :D You can download the soundtrack entirely for free from my bandcamp (which is a master of hide and seek, as most people never find it. Be one of the first >:D).

While you can't download the tracks from Newgrounds, you can totally listen to them here!

*Magical embedding sounds*


Pretty short and sweet, huh? The album features 2 short loops, and a short solo piano piece. By downloading the album, you may or may not also get a bonus track, which may or may not be made by the creator of the game. Who knows? You will, after downloading ;)

It was a great experience to actually get to make some music for such a wonderful game. 10/10 would do again ;)

Thanks for paying attention, for playing, and for listening!




Happy Robot Day 2015!

2015-07-10 08:05:02 by LucidShadowDreamer

Whooo, Happy Robot Day 2015!!!


I've worked for ages on this track for the competition, and I'm happy to finally present the end result :D



The track is heavily inspired by @johnfn, and his style of music.

For the cover art, I used Nerdtendo Bot, by @TripleThreeTwo.

EDIT: For the first time, I also decided to upload the track to Youtube, just for fun. Check it out ;)


But wow, there sure is a lot of competition this year, which is great! There's always a lot going on in the Newgrounds community, especially during summer time, and I love it :)

I urge you to listen to some of the other tracks that have been posted already, and I'm sure there will be even more awesome tracks uploaded a bit later today. Here are some of the ones I've listened to as of yet XD


Mindchamber's Revenge, by @dem0lecule


Re-Booting, by @Deshiel


Robotic Dancer, by @Djjaner


Oak - Funkerbot, by @LiquidOoze


Formulaic, by @gween123


Automaton, by @Steampianist


Burn, Yearn, Learn, Turn, by @Lich


I hope you're all having a great day ;)



Featured on Jayisgames + Other Stuff!

2015-06-13 07:14:38 by LucidShadowDreamer

Well then. To start with, dem0lecule and I just uploaded a collaborative track that we both worked extremely hard on, for the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest.

It's a 6 minute long orchestral track, and we'd both be extremely happy if you checked it out. More about the track in the description, and in dem0lecule's news post.



Other than that, I've been (and am) working on a lot of other projects as well. A couple of days ago, I uploaded a new game to Newgrounds, and I was happy to notice that it is thus far very well received!

And not only is it well recevied, but it was actually featured on!

A short review was written to accompany it. Click the image to see for yourselves.




It was also this game that earned me a throphy which allows me to write posts for the front page, this being my first one.

If you want to read more about the game, read my previous news post, and if you wish to play it, that can be arranged too.


Thank you for your time!

I will be going on a 2 week long trip to Cyprus, so during that time I won't be as active as usually. But I will probably still be able to respond to things now and then :)
See you when I get back!

And I almost forgot, if you for whatever reason want to read more crazy things about myself, you could check out my blog! :p



Playing With Letters

2015-06-09 12:13:22 by LucidShadowDreamer



As some of you may have noticed, I didn't upload a game for Stencyl Jam 2015 this year. I had an idea for a game, but I was already working on another game that I wanted to finish first. At the time I finished it, making a game for the Jam would've been far too rushed, so I decided to save my idea for the next year :)

That said, I just uploaded the other game I was speaking of, after a long wait. It is a text-based adventure game, even if it may be a bit different than most other games of the same genre. I actually wasn't even planning on making this game to start with, but one night when I was trying to fall asleep, an interesting idea just suddenly popped into my head. That was the seed which inspired me to create this game!

I don't want to spoil too much, but the game is based on word puzzles/games of different kinds. It also features a riddle created by my sister. I asked her to create a slightly morbid riddle, and about 5 minutes later, she had one for me. Scarily impressive...

The game might be difficult, and then again, it might not be. It will be much easier for those who speak fluent English; that much is for certain. The first real level especially may be confusing, as the concept requires some getting used to. But I'll say it here like I said in the game description. Look at the title of the letter for hints, and seek after meaning behind some words and sentences in the text. That is as much as I am willing to give away :D

The music for the game was, naturally, made by myself. All of the "programming" was also made by me, in Stencyl, as well as the story and design.

I also want to thank my two faithful beta testers, @LunacyEcho & @absoluteDETH, who also created the credits screen in the end.

If there's anything you want to ask, please do so in the comments. Just remember, I won't spoil too much! ;)

That's pretty much it. Enjoy playing with letters, everyone!





The title sounds deep, but in reality, it holds no meaning, other than... Well. I think it's pretty clear. I just don't like to have "Small Update" as the title XD

I just thought I'd share three of my latest creations.

Well, all of them aren't as recently created, as they are uploaded. The first track is a cover that was recorded in 2012:



The second one is a piratey track made with only Cubase and EWQL SO Silver Edition.



And the third track, is the longest improvisation that I've recorded and uploaded, even if it's far from the longest I've played. It has a very apt name as well.



I'd be happy if you took some time to listen to one or more of the tracks, and perhaps even leave a review. Especially for the middle one, as it's the most reviewable track, as well as the one that is the most in need of one.


Have a wonderful second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, life; eternity.



20 Years of Awesomness

2015-04-26 00:18:05 by LucidShadowDreamer

Happy Pico Day everyone!!! :'D

To think that Newgrounds is actually that old (as old as me, now that I  think about it) :)

Most people probably don't know this, as this account was made around the later part of 2013, but I've actually been lurking around Newgrounds for 11 or 12 years, hiding in the shadows, without ever making an account. Until one and a half year ago that is, when I actually began submitting content of my own.

We all know that it was prefectly heatlhy for 9 year olds to visit Newgrounds in its old days, like I did. I cleeearly turned out to grow up as a perfectly normal human being. Yup. Totally.


Anyway. It's great that this site has been able to hang on for so long, and here's to another 20 years!


Originally, I wasn't actually going to submit anything for Pico Day this year. But today, after seing everything that has been going on, I decided to make something small anyway :)

In most cases, I would've composed some music, but for some reason that didn't feel quite right today.

So I gathered my poor artistical skills, and used the mousepad on my laptop to draw a weird adaptation of Pico himself. A.K.A. The one below this sentence, in case I've made the character completely unrecognizable.




Maybe one day, I'll pick up a pen and pencil, and decide to actually put some hard effort into learning how to actually draw skillfully. But that day, is not today.


Other than that, I've uploaded a few noteworthy tracks since my last entry.

The first one, is the first track I've ever made using EWQL, check it out:




The second one, is the track of mine that currently holds my personal record for the most views on Newgrounds thus far (out of music, that is). Is it because it's just that awesome, or is it because it got featured for a long time, for being an April Fools joke? Find out for yourself!


Best Song Ever Made


(Is this truly what I am to be remembered by?)


Finally, of course, is a simple piano piece, which I composed while under the influence of Post Anime Depression Syndrome. It's not really my usual style, but I still like it:


A Song for Someone Else


I've also been working on a mystery project, which I will upload after working out a few things. Look forward to it!


And finally, if you want to hear more passionate babbling about anime, which will most likely bore you to death (disclaimer: possibly, litrerally; be warned), you could always try reading my latest blog entry over at blogspot.



See the length of this? That is why I should update this little thingy more often.

Have a great day, all of you, and try not to die!!!






I've got some projects going on at the moment.

I'm working on a collab with the awesome Newgrounds musician known as @dem0lecule at the moment.

I'm also working on a brand new game. It will probably take a month or so at least until I'm finished, as I have so many other things to do.

I also make small musical projects in between just for fun. Like this one!



If someone wants to risk a track turning out either great or horrible for their project, I'll gladly try composing something upon request, as long as it's not too big (like if I am asked to create an entire soundtrack of 15 tracks for free, that'd probably be a "no thanks" from me :3).


Finally, if you want to read about the absurdity of life seen from the perspective of a soon to be 20-year-old who thinks he knows something about the world, you should totally check out my latest blog entry

Keep on being as amazing as you are, you guys ;)



The Somewhat Near Future

2015-02-12 22:24:43 by LucidShadowDreamer

Hello, how have you been?

I've been great ;)

The cruise was a blast, and since then I've had some time to relax and work on several of my projects.


Speaking of projects, I actually had a great new game idea very recently! Well, whether it's great or not will be up to those who play it, but I really like it. I won't spoil much more about it, but I hope to have it finished before the end of April. I won't promise anything though!

That said, I already composed the background music for the game :p

I sure would appreciate it if you could take a listen to it!


I reeeeeeaaaaally screwed up the cover art for this one. I think I'll redo it before the game is finished, just because I can, and because it takes less than 10 minutes. I've had my due of productivity today though, as I've vacuum cleaned my house (and recorded the vacuum cleaner...), played lots of piano, finished that song you're hopefully listening to at the moment, and written two blog posts, this one being the much smaller of the two.

Speaking of which, you can read the longer one featuring late night thoughts about death, here...

(Pssst! It also features nice pictures from the cruise I was on).


(EDIT: I have now created a slightly better version of the cover art)


That is all I have to say for now. Hope you're having a wonderful time ;)



Cruising on a Cruise

2015-01-31 18:53:21 by LucidShadowDreamer


Tomorrow I'm going on a cruise just for fun! :D


Well, also there's the fact that it costs but 3€... Seriously. And it's not a small boat or anything...

It's just 24 hours on the boat, but it'll still be a blast! (Remember, you won't be able to reach me in like two days or so, not that I would know why anyone would be in a hurry to talk to me...)


In other news, I haven't been doing nor making much at all lately o.O If you want to read more about me not doing anything, but planning to do stuff, this is the place to go.

Well, I have done one thing! I uploaded yet another older piano composition of mine, and I believe this one to be really good!



Anyhow. I didn't really have anything to say. I just thought I'd update this thingy :p