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This was really cool! I'm glad you uploaded something new here, as it has been a while. Keep up the great work!

MiddleFingerRings responds:

It has been a while huh! Nice to be submitting again. :)

Absolutely brilliant, as per usual.

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This is brilliant.

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Comick responds:

Haha I appreciate it thanks! :)

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Hey, this is a pretty fun little game! A bit repetitive, perhaps, but that's alright in this case, I think. I managed to get to the hearts, maybe I'll try getting further later.

Oh, btw. For the "escaping" teeth, sometimes when I click thrice really fast on the same spot, it ends up eliminating them.

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xmatos responds:

Thanks, I'll look into that.

This was simple, creative and fun. I've used Stencyl to create some games too, so it's always nice to see when someone has done it well. Keep up the good work!

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Oh hey, I remember this. I was part of the beta testers, quite some time ago. I think it's an interesting game with a lot of potential. I wish you luck with further projects in the future :)

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MakeGamesHappen responds:

Thanks. Working on a new rendering engine. I won't be around to correspond with anyone
until that happens. Sorry I couldn't finish this. I was a bit too ambitious. But I learned a lot.
-John Mark

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Hi there! The intro to this track is pretty cool. The melody is simple and effective, and easy to grasp. That said, at 0:22 the piece gets a bit messy. The new instrument is lively and interesting, but it's also quite distracting, and clutters the mix. I think you might want to look into panning (and EQ), and see how you can utilize the stereo space more effectively. Also, the timbre of instrument might simply not be a great fit together with the rest of the track.

After the 1 minute mark, you used a pretty nice progression where you simplified the elements in the piece in order to allow for a new drop, which is a nice touch. I find that the melody at that part might be a bit repetitive though, and the snares sound very much like a computer played them (which is also the case). You could've tried using some kick drums for a similar effect, as they can be less abrasive for transitions.

I appreciate the alternation of the melody at 1:30. Once again, I feel like the background instrument distracts from the rest of the piece, though. Certain elements of the piece also sound a bit dry, so you might see where you could use reverb more effectively.

2:40 is an interesting breakdown, but I think the bass is too loud and "in your face" there. As for the part that comes afterwards, it has some nice rhythms, but I'm not very fond of the main instrument. Progressionwise, I think it's also a bit too long since it's a fairly repetitive section.

When you get back to the melodies at 4:12, the part almost sounds a bit dissonant. The melodies played don't sound like they go very well together, and the bass takes up a lot of space in the mix. The rhythm of the percussion also starts to become a bit samey, after having heard it for a while (despite some changes here and there).

The ending lacks any sort of real climax, which is a bit of a shame. For such a long track, a climax would've helped tie the track together. As for the last 10 seconds, I really like the way the instruments sound; I think it's a pretty good way to end the piece.

Some final thoughts... I think you've got some pretty nice ideas, but there are also things you could improve upon, which you will do if you keep working with music. You might also want to make tracks of this nature a bit shorter. The reason is that there are parts that are somewhat repetitive, without adding much value to the progression. For ambient pieces that can work well, but for a track of this nature you want to keep the listeners attention.

Welcome to newgrounds, and good luck with improving your work and having fun with music in the future!

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Hey, this is pretty neat! Good job :)

Irish-Soul responds:

Thank you so much!

LSD you're literally the best :)

I like the vibe of this track! It's quite ambient, which I'm sure you know I appreciate :p
The melodies are interesting as well, and pretty for that matter. The progression keeps the listener focused, and the choice of instruments is pretty neat. Cool piece!

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TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks Ale! AMBIENT FOREVER. I'm really glad you like the melodies, as I made them rather quickly. Instrumentation was meant to make it sound as creepy as possible. :) Thanks again for the review!

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I support this message.

Oh-Sama responds:

Thank you for your USP-port I guess :D

This looks really cute :3
It's lovely. Good luck!

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Butzbo responds:

Thanks dude! :d

You succeeded in making something different! I like both the space, and the colors in this one :3

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I0TA responds:

Thank you for your review! :)

I exist. That'd pretty much be it. Pictures made on Paint.NET (getpaint.net) and Apophysis 7X.

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