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This was really cool! I'm glad you uploaded something new here, as it has been a while. Keep up the great work!

MiddleFingerRings responds:

It has been a while huh! Nice to be submitting again. :)

Absolutely brilliant, as per usual.

This is brilliant.

Comick responds:

Haha I appreciate it thanks! :)

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Hey, this is a pretty fun little game! A bit repetitive, perhaps, but that's alright in this case, I think. I managed to get to the hearts, maybe I'll try getting further later.

Oh, btw. For the "escaping" teeth, sometimes when I click thrice really fast on the same spot, it ends up eliminating them.

xmatos responds:

Thanks, I'll look into that.

This was simple, creative and fun. I've used Stencyl to create some games too, so it's always nice to see when someone has done it well. Keep up the good work!

Oh hey, I remember this. I was part of the beta testers, quite some time ago. I think it's an interesting game with a lot of potential. I wish you luck with further projects in the future :)

MakeGamesHappen responds:

Thanks. Working on a new rendering engine. I won't be around to correspond with anyone
until that happens. Sorry I couldn't finish this. I was a bit too ambitious. But I learned a lot.
-John Mark

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It's no wonder you two consistently do so well in the NGADM, as you make wonderful music such as this.
The style in this piece is super solid, and all the instruments (not to mention the singing) sound fantastic.
My favorite part is the ending though!! It brings a lightheartedness to the piece, and ties it together perfectly.
Good luck in the finals :D!!

I loved listening to this. Your track is so creative, and constantly evolving. I also like how it incorporates a few different genres. Very inspiring work!!

Good luck in the final round ^____^

I can't stress enough, how impressive it is that you were able to write and sing so well in a completely foreign language!
The music matches the story well, and listening takes me on a very vivid journey. You might say it makes me vaeltaa pitkin tuntemattomia maita ;)

I also love how you retain certain elements of 'your style', while you also consistently explore new territory. That last chorus took me by sursprise (in a very positive way), the first time I heard that powerful synth :D

I hope you'll write something more in Finnish in the future, and I look forward to helping a bit with the translation when you do ;)

Good luck in this final round!!! <3

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This looks really neat! Great work :D

CrabbWalker responds:

Thanks LSD!!! :D

This is wonderful.

Yay indeed! Just got home after drinking with som friends, and I feel like I could stare at this for hours :'D

I0TA responds:

Thanks man :D

I exist. That'd pretty much be it. Pictures made on Paint.NET (getpaint.net) and Apophysis 7X.

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