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Still No Free Time

2014-01-27 19:58:54 by LucidShadowDreamer


Yup, title says it all.


The matriculation exams are creeping nearer and nearer, as I have my hands filled with other stuff I should do. However, I got a little bit of free time, and made this very odd loop. Don't worry; it's short... Like REALLY short XD

I just started messing around with stuff in Cubase, and that happened... Oh right, maybe I should go get some sleep... Yeah... That sounds like a good idea :p

Hope everything is just fine over at your end ;)


//Shadow Dreamer

Reality That Consumes Time

2014-01-02 17:30:13 by LucidShadowDreamer

The holidays are soon about to end, and just in time I've caught a horrible cold.

I've already posted a few songs here on Newgrounds, and I'm planning on posting more every now and then. If I get lucky, I might make it to the Audio portal in a couple of years (as if that would happen, would be cool though). I like the community here on this site, even if it has had its ups and downs during its long and prosperous existence.

Anyhow. As I said, I will soon be forced back into this timeconsuming place called reality, which involves school and my job as a pianist as well as the soon upcoming matriculation exams. And after that I will have to serve some time in the army. From there the step into adult, working life is not far.


I will still find time for my own projects though, I always do. I'm currently learning more and more on Cubase (most users here use FL Studios if I'm not mistaken, right?), and I'm getting at least slightly better. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself!

In my latest composition, I think that several things are improved compared to the first ones (which I made like a week earlier...). There are still many things to be mastered, but although I didn't compliment myself that much in the description, you might enjoy the song. Check it out here.

I hope you've had a pleasant Christmas and New Year, and that you will have many to come.

'Til next time ;)


//Shadow Dreamer

Well, I've been watching stuff on newgrounds for about 10 years (one of the first things I can remember seeing is "Mini Stix", by Jazza), but only now did I decide to actually make an account. Why? I felt like this awesome website for sharing deserved it (yay, I'm SO important). I also thought that I might even upload a thing or two here every now and then.

Who am I? I am just a random boy from Finland, currently 18 years of age. I like a lot of stuff, as do probably you as well. I like things with humor (sometimes twisted kinds of it), so this is definitely the right website.

I especially have a drawing towards music, so if I post anything here it will be it will be horrible bad art, or weird mediocre songs, as I can play the piano.


If you for some reason wonder something about the insignificant person that is me, please don't be afraid to ask!

Oh! Also, I have a blog that I update every now and then at



I think that's it for now.

Merry Christmas (or whatever)!


//Shadow Dreamer