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LucidShadowDreamer's News

Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - July 22nd, 2022

Hello Newgrounds!

It seems like my news updates here seem to have become yearly. I think that's a little bit too seldom, so I shall strive to post at least a little bit more often. Let's start with at least twice a year ;)

This past year or so I've been very busy with life on multiple fronts. Unfortunately that has affected what time I have had available for composing music and posting it here and elsewhere. I still have a lot on my plate (just last week I performed at a big folk music festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2RFJ5iv8FI), but I have a feeling that I will be a little bit more active on Newgrounds again in this second half of 2022.

As a first update, I though I'd let you know I released my first single on Spotify (and other music platforms):

She Lives Through You


I don't expect it to become very popular there, but it's a meaningful song to me personally, so I hope whomever stumbles upon it gets something out of the experience. If you happen to be one such person, let me know about it! Thanks for taking the the time to read my lil' update :3

Until next time!



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - May 1st, 2021

Hello Newgrounds!

I haven't been very active here lately, because I have been working on some other projects. However, I think that's soon about to change! And what better day to upload something new, than on Pico Day!

This community has given me a lot, and I'm very grateful for that. I want to give a little bit back. I haven't properly participated in Pico Day before, but quite some time ago already I decided that this would be the year. So I've composed a track that I would like to share with you all:

It is inspired by Jazza's :the Composer:

You can read more about my piece in the descripton.

I hope you all have a fantastic Pico Day. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone will be uploading ^___^




Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - July 7th, 2020

Wow, it seems like as I'm writing this post, I am currently the user of the day on Newgrounds! How neat :D

I have been very busy with my Master's thesis this past half year or so, but I have finally finished it. Since I've had a bit more time on my hands, I have spent more time here on NG, and Newgrounds has certainly shown me its love the past few weeks.

First, I submitted this piece for AIM, and got a <3 frontpage <3 feature:

Not long after, I submitted a remade version of one of my old compositions, and got another <3<3 frontpage <3<3 feature:

And now I'm user of the day!

So thank you, Newgrounds, and all of you here!

As an update to my previous post, the animation by @Ant0on that Jordi (@etherealwinds) and I scored has blown up in the past few weeks. At this point it has more than a couple of million views:

I'm looking forward to working on more music this summer, and sharing it here. Thank you to @GUTHRIE for writing a nice post on the UOTD forum.

Anyway, that is all for now.

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice whatever you are having!

Until next time,



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - March 1st, 2019

Hey! It's been a while since I've written an update.

I'm still a busy student, but I keep taking on more and more projects on the side. A while ago, Jordi (@etherealwinds) and I started a venture together: Phoenix Up.

We cover music we love, and we compose original works for games and animations.

Just a while ago, we finished scoring an Undertale/Earthbound/Mother 3 animation by @ant0on!

It'll probably pop up on Newgrounds eventually, but you can currently view it on YouTube:

We had a blast working on the project, so check it out and let us know what you think!

I hope you're all well.

Until next time,



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - November 3rd, 2018

@etherealwinds and I have decided to launch a project together, called Phoenix Up!

We're composing music for video games, but we also like to cover songs together. Yesterday we posted our first cover to YouTube, check it out!



We also have a soundcloud, where we've uploaded some of the music we've made, both together and separately: https://soundcloud.com/phoenixupmusic



That's a small update on what I've been up to lately. I hope you had a nice Halloween!
I look forward to seeing you all around :)



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - March 17th, 2018

I thought it would take a while longer, but it seems like it already happened. Only one day after my birthday too :O

WOW, thank you all for the amazing support! When I started uploading on Newgrounds, I thought maybe I'd get a few listeners and all that. I never imagined that I'd actually reach 500 fans in just a bit more than 4 years. I've really enjoyed my time here, with the community (and I plan on enjoying it for a long time coming).

I guess I'll use this spot to highlight some of the things I've created over the years. One from each portal, aside from movies. I guess I'll eventually have to work on an animation too, so I'll really have tried a little bit of everything :p

As I'm mainly a musician, here's a link to one of my personal favorites of my own making.

Mundum de Somniorum

I've also made a few games during my time on NG. I plan to make some more, whenever I get enough time and inspiration. I think my best and most popular game, without a doubt, is:

Playing With Letters

Aside from music and games, I've also dabbled just a little bit with art. I feel like if I practiced a lot, I could create some pretty neat things. But, even without practice I've been able to create a few things I'm pretty happy with myself. One of such works would be this one!



Once again, thanks to all those of you who have decided to click that little red heart on my page. And a huge thanks to @Tom for running such an awesome site, and for being supportive as well. Here's for many good times to come!

Thank you ^____^






Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - February 27th, 2018


Guess what I just got?

The Newgrounds Pin!




I'm wearing it proudly, in my pyjamas as one should.

Here's a bit of a clearer picture:




And you can get it too! Just click any of the pictures above, or click this link.

It's very detailed for being so small:



You can kinda see the shadow behind it.

Just because it's fun, here's our beloved tank upside down:



You could get it too, for only 99$!!

(Not actually 99$, just check the links for the actual price)

So should you get it?

Click here to find out!



Alright, that's enough free advertising, haha. It'll probably scare more people away anyway :p

I really do like the pin though! It's cheap, but very nice looking and seemingly of high quality for what it is. It took a while to get shipped, but when it did it arrived in just 4 days. And I live in Finland!!

Other than checking out that NG merch, you could also listen to one of my latest compositions (if you haven't yet and feel like doing so):


I hope you're having a nice day :3
Cya next time!



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - February 5th, 2018

Along with many other musicians, I participated in a neat little album that was just released on Bandcamp. The Underground Collective is back, with Volume II - Sounds of the Future. Check it out!




Thanks to Kaede for the cover art.


To see the other people involved, have a look at @ForgottenDawn's newspost:


That's it for now. TUC will surely continue to bring you more neat stuff in the... FUTURE.
I'll see myself out...




Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - January 5th, 2018

Happy 2018!

What a year 2017 was. Lots of bad stuff, lots of good stuff! But now it's over, and the focus should shift to the current year.

For this year, it seems thus far that I'll have way more free time than previously, and I intend to use that for musical purposes!!!
There are lots of tracks I want to cover, a fair amount of collabs I want to be a part of, and naturally, more compositions I want to make than there's room for in a lifetime. Speaking of which, if there's one thing I'm really happy with when it comes to the music I made last year, it's this:

Also uploaded to Newgrounds, of course.

It might not be my most emotional composition, but it's probably the most technically difficult. Also, I think it sounds pretty rad, and it's really fun to play. It's the longest I think I've ever worked on a piano composition, even though I did so on and off, because of time constraints. In the future, I should look into improving the production somewhat.

Near the end of the year, I also had the opportunity to work with Jordi again, to bring you this:

Jordi's (@etherealwinds) voice goes incredibly well with the piece. I'm not sure one if one's allowed to say it about something one helped produce, but it's my favorite version of the song :3

In other news, I've already started composing something new this year, and we'll see what else I manage to create. I'm certainly hopeful of what this year will bring. At the same time, I hope this will be a wonderful year for you!

Let's see where it'll all go, shall we?



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - October 28th, 2017

NGADM 2017 | INFO | Pairing | Auditions | Round of 64 / 32 / 16 / 8 / 4 | FINALE & RESULTS |

This is it!

The NGADM of 2017 is officially over, and the winner has been announced. May I say, the victory is well deserved, as the competition was tough. If you didn't find out who the winner is yet, you can read on or go to that results page that I linked to, above :)

Including the auditions, this contest had 7 rounds, 6 of which were in a deathmatch format. That is to say that a single loss meant you're out! Now, a few very high scoring non-winners (there's no nice way to say that, is there?) were given the opportunity to come back, which in a sense made the NGADM even more interesting! One of them was our powerhouse team that made it all the way to the finals!

The final scores didn't differ all too much, so the excitement was real. After all, the finalists consisted of a team including a previous winner, going against the winner of last year's NGUAC! Speaking of the scores, we'll get to those soon. First, I urge you to take some time to listen to the finalists' fine finale tracks! This playlist may not be extensive, but it's exquisite nonetheless: NGADM 2017 FINALE PLAYLIST!  

Before the round was over, the main organizer uploaded another podcast, very much worth a listen :3

Now then. Let us thank Ceevro for the official NGADM 2017 artpiece!
And now, let us move on to what you've been waiting for; the finale results! 







The order of scores by judge:




@FinnMKWe Are Heroes: 9.80 / 9.55 / 9.20 / 9.5 / 9.20 / 9.50 ~ Average: 9.46

(The competitior with the highest average-average score!)


(Featuring the 3rd place winner, @etherealwinds!)

@johnfn & @ethansight - C'mon, Girl: 9.20 / 9.23 / 9.41 / 9.4 / 9.00 / 9.00 ~ Average: 9.21




Haha, well. The averages don't take much effort to calculate this time, but I'll write them for you anyway:

Bosa: (9.8 + 9.2) / 2 = 9.5

ChronoNomad: (9.55 + 9.23) / 2 = 9.39

ADR3-N: (9.2 + 9.41) / 2 = 9.305

Samulis: (9.5 + 9.4) / 2 = 9.45

Skyewint: (9.2 + 9) / 2 = 9.1

TaintedLogic: (9.5 + 9) / 2 = 9.25

Average average: (9.46 + 9.21) / 2 = 9.335


As usual, one of the judes was very close to the average (average)! I trust you'll be able to figure out who that is :) That said, the biggest difference in judge averages was 0.4, which really isn't much.


Wow. This NGADM sure went by quickly. It has been a blast following its progression! A huge congratulation to our winner, FinnMK. Also, massive props to his finale competitors, johnfn and ethansight! And a great thanks to all the other participants; you're what made this contest possible.

And out of people who made the competition possible, I'd also like to take some time to thank the organizers, along with the judges! That would be, ChronoNomad & TaintedLogic, Bosa, ADR3-N, Samulis and SkyeWint! I know how much effort they put in, allowing all of us to enjoy this spectacle regardless of our role in it.

And that seems to be it for this year! And what an NGADM it was, amirite? The winners are getting their prizes, including some cash, forum sigs, games and honorary supporter statuses! Check out the aftermath in the forum!

Thanks to all the prize donors, including NG's very founder, @TomFulp. Whilst the contest is primarily for fun and honor, you've made it possible to reward the winners, which is essential.

This year I've been your 'scribe', and I've enjoyed summarizing the rounds for you. Hopefully, we'll see the return of the NGADM come 2018. For now, I'll go back to my studies. If all goes well I'll have some time to devote to music as well. Until my next post, I hope you all enjoyed the contest and that you're doing well.

Cya <3


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