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LucidShadowDreamer's News

Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - September 6th, 2014


Okay, so I've now been in the army for 1/3 of the time I have to spend there. That's a good thing. The bad thing is that I still have more than 100 days left :(

I've still tried to be somewhat active here and there on Newgrounds, by looking at what people have created, and uploading some old stuff myself.

A few days ago, something slightly unexpected happened though ._. !

An old song/improvisation of mine was featured and frontpaged right after I uploaded it o.O! Thanks a lot for that!!

Also, I've gained several new fans because of this, and I want to thank all of you for following me. Somehow, I now have 75 fans, which is a pretty huge amount in my eyes :D

I created a Newgrounds account less than a year ago, with the intention of uploading a few projects of mine every now and then, but I never imagined this many people would actually watch (and listen to) my stuff XD

Thus, I can at least be a little bit happy, even if I lack freedom (until the 18 of December. Oh what good a day that will be...)

In other news, I made a very short blog post not long ago, over here. I'm mostly complaining about how I don't like the army, and such...

Also, I kind of made a short 16 second loop as a request yesterday. However, I totally failed to create the type of music that was actually requested; sometimes my brain doesn't really want to cooperate... I'm sure you can relate :)

Anyhow, you can listen to the short song by clicking the picture below (the painting doesn't look like the piece sounds...) :p



I don't think I have that much more to say at the moment...

Take comfort in this; you're probably having more fun than me right now :D






Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - July 3rd, 2014


It's time to update this thingy :/

This is an announcement, most of all. I have tried to be pretty active on this site this past half year, and I think I've managed quite well. I regret to inform that now it's time for half a year (if not more) of not being that active D:

Finland still has conscription, and I'm a man of the ripe age, so I'll be dragged into some boring military service :(

I won't be uploading as much during this period of time, but I'll do my best to upload some of my older compositions, as I still have like 20 laying around on my computer. Alas, the quality will not be as good as it has been as of late, I fear.


It's really a shame, but the collaboration I was working on with former Elitistinen, now known as *secret* will have to wait for a while. We've done some good progress, but none of us seem to have collaborated much before, and we've both been busy people lately. He with Arma, and now I'm joining the army o.O

It's a fun piece, but it won't die away just like that. There will come a time for finishing it too. It's not the greatest song ever, but I think many of you'd like it ;)



Anyway, if you want something longer to read, you can always read my newest blog post, about the same subject (of me not wanting to be drafted).


Before I go, here's one last good composition (for a while!) for those who have not yet heard it.

As usually, I'll also leave a picture, but as I have not really drawn anything, virtual cd cover art it will once again be.




Red and black go well together. Black looks fine with almost any color.



Oh, and also; you can still message me and leave reviews etc.; my inbox is not even nearly full, and I just bought a new phone which is actually usable, so I'll reply whenever I can!

Have fun while I'm away, all of you! :'D


Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - June 5th, 2014


EDIT: Thank you guys so much for becoming fans of mine! I never imagined I'd be able to reach much fans at all, and certainly not in this short a time. Thanks for showing your support, all of you; it's a great motivator :'D!!!




Even if I have no work or school at the moment, I've been having a full schedule lately. Everyone seems to want me at every place a the same time, and I have A TON of personal projects I want to finish up in the coming month, while still getting time to have fun. After that time of a moon cycle, I'll be drafted into the army, and my time will be severely limited :(


When this time comes, I'll go back to uploading a multitude of songs from 2013. I should have enough to go around for almost one composition a week. The quality of the pieces will be MUCH lower than the ones I'm currently putting up (for the most part at least), but the ideas behind many of them are good, and can well take a listen.

Until then, I shall keep putting up newer projects, and I'm working on far too many of them at once. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to make it to the Construct 2 Game Jam deadline, but that remains to be seen. I'm working on  4 different music projects too, one of which I put up a WIP track here.


In other news...

I graduated less than a week ago :D

This is to say, I had a long (from my impatient perspective) ceremony, a party for relatives, after which I partied hard later in the evening and the night. We went to a restaurant at first, after which we went to some bars and pubs ;)

I had a blast, and so did everyone else seem to have :3


I also got a "stipendium", which is actually a scholarship in English, now that I think about it :/

Well, I actually kind of got two. One was a merit-based financial scholarship, which actually gave me 600€, which is quite a lot. And that was because of subjects I didn't fully expect; My mother tongue (Swedish), English, and Music. Well, I guess I kinda could've expected them, but I thought I'd have been more probable to get something from a few other subjects o.O

The other one is more worth to me than the money. I got a very rare, so called "Pro Musica" award, which I got because of good performances in musical subjects and such. I went to a special class in school which lays its focus on music, so we've been doing a lton of stuff over all these years XD

I'm happy with the result in that at least, even if I'm not entirely happy with my final test results XD




Well well... I realize very few people are going to read such a long and boring post such as this, so I could always make it more attractive by decorating it a random picture (which you will clearly see I did). Let's choose my latest cd cover art for instance. I'm getting slightly better at this? I spend like 3 minutes every time before I upload a song on doodling something together :p

For those of you who are going to think back a reply similar to "Pfft, this is no long at all"... Oh have I got something for you ;)

This Newgrounds news stuffelistufz is not my real blog, but I actually keep one over at blogspot (blogger) too. So I dare you to go read my latest post, which is totally coincidentally also called Life.

(The word "Life" is a link, although it's white, because magic).


Anyhow. Now that I have no more school, I need to search for more education. Tomorrow I'll go to an interview, as I'm trying to get into a university on a pedagocic line. Thus, I should probably go to sleep early for once... (And not way after 5 am, as I usually do...) The interview is already at 10 am -_-


Wish me luck!




Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - April 29th, 2014

I'm finally done with my second game ever!

It won't get nearly as much attention as my first game got, but that's okay :'D

The game was made for the Ludum Dare 29 Jam (with the theme "Beneath the Surface"), which means I made it in 3 days...

This time around, I made everything myself again. I even made the music and the "art", if one dares call it that (which I don't). I ended up not making any sound effects for this one... There simply wasn't time, and I figured they weren't necessarily needed XD

The game is very simple, yet quite difficult. It's not a really good game, but I'd say it's certainly playable! I'm not entirely happy with the music though... 2-3 days for creating all aspects of a game is certainly not enough time for me... I might still do this again sometime :3


I used Stencyl to make this game; I would've never been able to without it! I also uploaded a desktop version if anyone wants that :/ (Windows only).

Here's the games official page on the Ludum Dare website.


Enough of those uninteresting thing :p

Why not play the game? :)





Oh my! I haven't had time to write a new real blog post on my real blog D:

That's okay though. If you want something weird to read, I recommend this. It's one of my old blog entries, and it's pretty messy (and has several spelling/grammar errors!). I read it again today though, after a very long time, and I found it surprisingly interesting o.O


And that, as is so often said, is that.



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - April 26th, 2014

Once again, it's time to update this thingy...

Why? As I so often had said lately, this is not my real blog, so I use this place to advertise for my blog on blogspot (blogger) :3

My latest post, about ghosts and such, can be found here XD


In other news...

I'm currently making a game for the Ludum Dare 29.

This is the first time I enter, and I'm going to keep things simple :3 (I'm entering the Jam, so I get a little more time and freedom).



You can play an alpha version by clicking on the picture!

I haven't come that far yet, but I'll do more tomorrow (remember; timezones). The game's not especially entertaining nor original, but it's what I've got!

You can read more in the description of the preview :p



Also, Main Menu revealed! (Click for full version).




I'm out ;)



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - April 13th, 2014


Yeah. I don't really put that much thought into writing my Newgrounds blog posts, as I have an older more serious blog. My newest entry can be found here :'3

Anyhow, I decided to embed this cute little feller over here, since he's related to the post I made. Unfortunately, he's not on Newgrounds whitelist for embedding, so you'll have to click the link. Feel free to play around with him, as I'm sure he won't break no matter how much you torture him :'D


Oh, and also. I'm working on a simple but hopefully calming piece right now. I suddenly realized that it's turning out to become something similar to broove's style XD

The piece is inspired by this artwork.

EDIT: I wouldn't say I'm done with the piece, since part of it sounds horrible, but I wanted to reach the deadline, so it can be found here :'3

Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - April 3rd, 2014

After a month of hard work for many of us, the Stencyl Jam 2014 is over, and the results are here.

I made a game too, and incerdibly enough, I got 4th place!

Origially only three winning positions were announced, but this is not the only year that one extra pedestal has been added; thanks a lot for that, Tom and AdventureIslands!

I already made an older post about the game too, before the contest was finished, and I also gave a hint on one of the difficult levels in the comments :p

If you wan't to play the game, just click the picture below!


A video tutorial can due to popular request be found on the youtubes XD

It was extremely fun to be part of the contest, and there was a lot of work involved. There were an astounding amount of good games this year, and I suggest you check out the collection!

I want to congratulate all the winners, as well as all the other participants :'D


I'm not sure what my next project will involve yet. I might just partake in the coming Ludum Dare contest too. For the most part though, I'm a musician, and I upload my stuff to Newgrounds pretty frequently :p


Also, due to a request from a friend of mine, I'm going to further advertise my blog here :')

Not all of my entries are good, but there are some jewels here and there. One of my personal favourites is this post!

I've been a bit inactive on the blog lately, but now that I've got more free time (I had my final school day today), I'm going to write more as well, about the most random subjects imaginable. I'm not a native speaker when it comes to English, but I think I'm doing okay :3


Thanks for reading this "news post", and thanks for playing my game.

I also wish to hand out a special thank you to all of you whom have pressed that little heart icon and become a fan of mine, it means a lot to me!

See ya'll around ;')



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - March 29th, 2014

Alright. I'm finally done, after a months hard work. I had my most important exams in between making the game, so that is one of the reasons as to why I didn't have time to make it as perfect as possible. If you want to, you can play the game!



I will still update the game every now and then, for example, I added more badges today :p If you've already compleated the game (good job on that LunacyEcho!) you can get all the new badges by loading the game and compleating the final level again XD


Anyhow. I didn't have time to include a real story, so I just let the athmosphere convey itself. Also, one will immediately notice that I am not a real animator :)

I tried making everything in the game myself: The "art", the soundeffects, the "programming", the level design, the music and even the font! I also suck at programming, even in stencyl! I met several issues that often took me hours upon hours to fix, and some still remain semi-fixed to this day :D


I could write a lot more about this, but that would just make for a boring post. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask!


Oh, and my game just got frontpaged! Thanks a lot for that! :3


EDIT: And I somehow managed to win the fourth place prize, out of originally three winners! Thanks a lot for that, and thanks to all of this great community :3

(I'll probably make a new post about this soon).


One last thing. A good friend recommended that I shamelessly promote my blog here, since he deemes it worth reading. I haven't written much in a while, but I'm planning on writing more frequently again now, since I have so much more time! Also, I've got more old material than any of you will even be able to read in what seems like a lifetime, so go check it out! I write about anything from whatever to whatever, and I also have some controversial opinions, kind of.. yeah... CHECK THIS OUT THX, K??? :'DDDDDD!!!!!!!!

Oh, and on the blog you get to see what my sexy being looks like, so that's always a perk too! :)



Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - March 23rd, 2014

A couple of days ago I wrote the last of my tests for my matriculation exam... I don't know how well I did yet, but in a week or so I'll get primary results for all my exams, to give me an idea of how well I did. They they are not final though; I think I'll know the real results after a couple of months or so :/

Sadly, I still have a few weeks of school left before I really get some spare time. I even have a few unimporant tests left :( Three months after that I will be "forcefully" dragged into the army for a while. I don't understand why it's mandatory here; it's not like we could really defend ourselves if someone wanted to invade our country o.O

Aaaaaanyhow. After I'm done with my game for the Stencyl Jam 2014, I should finally get time to play around with Cubase some more. I'm using LunacyEcho's tactic here. Since I've written it down, now I have to make something more serious with a DAW in the coming months.

I don't really have anything else to say... I'm just happy that the hell of studying is over, at least for a while :3

Posted by LucidShadowDreamer - March 8th, 2014


Nothing special going on here, really. Just reading for exams, almost dying from boredom and stuff.